Amateur Boxing Club

Training Information

Training has now started for  the new season.

please note change of days.

Juniors are now Mon &Weds

Seniors are Tuesd & Thursd

33 the parade exmouth devon ex8
Weekly Training Schedule

  Non Boxing Juniors 6-7pm

  Boxing Juniors 7-8pm

 Seniors 6-30pm. 

  Non boxing Juniors 6-7pm

  Boxing Juniors 7-8pm

  Seniors   6-30pm

Code of Conduct

The behaviour of our boxers both in and out of the gym directly reflects on the club, and all those associated with it.  It is imperative that everyone involved with our club represents us in a positive manner.  We expect our members to set the hallmark in sportsmanship, conduct, overall behaviour and to wear our club badge with pride.

Rules & Guidelines

  • There will be NO sparring without headgear, mouthpiece and supervision!
  • Respect the gym!  Leave things as you found them, and do not take things that do not belong to you!
  • Respect other people!  Do not interfere with other people's workouts or equipment. Do not be a pest!
  • When in the gym WORKOUT!  The gym is not a playground!
  • Remember that the people running the gym are volunteers, they don't have to be there!  Do whatever you can to make their job easier.
  • If you see something out of place, pick it up!
  • You know the difference between right and wrong, DO WHAT'S RIGHT!  If you don't know the difference ask a coach.  Ask yourself:  Will what i'm about to do make the club look good?
  • STAY AWAY FROM DRUGS and other things that will get you into trouble!  Boxing needs you to stay strong and be smart enough to recognize things that will affect your training!
  • No foul language!
  • Finally.....Ask not only what your club can do for you, but what you can do for your club!