Amateur Boxing Club

Amateur Boxing

Safety First!

Amateur boxing is a well regulated sport and has an excellent safety record.  It ranks as the safest amongst all contact sports! (Including rugby & football!)

The ABA goes to great lengths to protect it's athletes:

  • Mouth guards, protective hand bandages, head gear, cup protectors & breast protectors for females must be worn.
  • Pre & post bout medicals are required for all amateur boxers each & every time they compete.
  • Boxing candidates must pass a stringent medical assessment before they are able to register with the ABA & compete.

Why Boxing?

Whether hoping to compete or simply getting fit, there are many reasons to take up boxing!


  • Builds confidence
  • Promotes sportsmanship
  • Improves physical fitness
  • Increases self motivation
  • Controls anger & aggression
  • Teaches the values of hard work, dedication & sacrifice

Boxing For Fitness!

  • Boxing training provides some of the best all over body conditioning you can get .
  • It improves stamina, boosts the cardiovascular system & improves core strength & balance.
  • Boxing training is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people recognise the health benefits and realise that you can train like a boxer without actually competing.